Top 5 Things to Do in Hennur in 2024

Aritra Dutta

| 16-02-2024

Top 5 Things to Do in Hennur in 2024

Hennur is a lively area in Bengaluru, bustling with culture and enjoyment. Here, you'll find various activities to indulge in, catering to varied interests. Whether you enjoy nature, food, or art Hennur offers it all. In this guide, we'll explore the top 5 things to do in Hennur, uncovering its wonderful attractions and places to visit.

Table Of Contents:

 1. Hennur kere Bio-diversity Park
2. Hennur Banaswadi Cosmopolitan Club
3. ISKCON Temple & Goshala Bengaluru
4. Places to Eat in Hennur
5. Places to Shop in Hennur
6. Conclusion

Key Takeaways:

The top 5 things to do in Hennur are:

  •  Explore the Hennur kere Bio-diversity Park, a hidden gem with a lake, trees, reptiles, amphibians, and birds. 
  • Relax at the Hennur Banaswadi Cosmopolitan Club, a perfect place to socialize and enjoy sports, dining, and events.
  • Visit the ISKCON Temple & Goshala Bengaluru, a stunning attraction with deities, architecture, festivals, and prasadam.
  • Enjoy the places to eat in Hennur, such as Oia, Byg Brewski, Mamaroma, Geist Brewing Co.
  • Shop at various  local shops and malls near Hennur such as Elements Mall and Gopalan Signature Mall.

1. Hennur Kere Bio-diversity Park

The Hennur Kere Bio-diversity Park  is a unique place in Bangalore. It is home to a variety of Flora and Fauna. Hundreds of species of trees can be found here. It also has an island in the lake, where many birds nest. The park is a wonderful place to enjoy nature and relax from city life. You can walk or cycle on well-maintained paths, observe the birds and animals, or capture the scenery with your camera. The park is open from 6 am to 6 pm every day.

2. Hennur Banaswadi Cosmopolitan Club

Hennur Banaswadi Cosmopolitan Club in Hennur is a place to relax and enjoy activities with friends or family. It's been around for a while and offers various options. Sports fans can play badminton, squash, tennis, billiards, boating etc. The club has a restaurant with tasty food, a bakery for sweet treats, and a coffee shop for your caffeine fix. The club also hosts workshops, music nights, and comedy shows, offering a chance to learn new things or simply have fun. It is open from 6 am to 11 pm daily, the club caters to different needs. Whether you want sports, food, or activities, Hennur Banaswadi Cosmopolitan Club might be the place for you.

3. ISKCON Temple & Goshala Bengaluru

The ISKCON Temple & Goshala near Hennur Cross is a peaceful place to learn  about Krishna, a Hindu god. It's part of a bigger group called ISKCON. The temple has beautiful statues and paintings of Krishna and other gods. They have festivals like Janmashtami and Gaura Purnima with traditional music and prayers. Visitors can also try prasadam, a special food offered to Krishna. Beside the temple, there's a goshala, a home for over 100 cows. They take good care of the cows and use their milk for religious offerings. Visitors can feed the cows and learn about their importance in Hindu culture. The temple is open daily from 4:30 am to 8:30 pm and is free to enter. 

4.Places to Eat in Hennur

Hennur is a place that offers both delicious food and interesting things to see. Whether you're looking for a quick snack or a special meal with family or friends, there's something for everyone.  You can find tasty treats at local shops. Good Restaurants with comfortable seating for family dinner are also available.
Here are some of the popular places to eat in Hennur that you should try:
Oia boasts a rooftop view of Bangalore, offering a pleasant setting for meals with friends or family. They offer various dishes, including snacks, pasta, pizza, Indian favorites like paneer tikka and biryani, and even desserts. You can choose from mocktails and cocktails for drinks. For entertainment, Oia has live music, DJs and sometimes even karaoke nights.

Byg Brewski
 Brewski has a fun and busy vibe making it a good choice for friends or family. They brew their beer in five styles, like light lager and fruity cider. They also have drinks without alcohol and with alcohol like mocktails and cocktails. For food, they have snacks like nachos, main dishes like pizza and burgers, and even food from different places like China and Japan.  Sometimes they have live music, DJs, and even show sports games on big screens

Mamaroma is a cafe with a comfortable atmosphere, perfect for enjoying drinks and food. They offer hot choices like coffee and tea, and cold options like smoothies and juices. People can choose from sandwiches, salads, wraps, burgers, and even desserts like waffles. The cafe has board games, books and magazines where people can relax and enjoy time.

Geist Brewing Co. 
A lively place to hang out with friends.This spot has cuisines from all over the world . They have dishes from Europe, Italy, North India, and even South India. They also have friendly staff and a great vibe.

5. Places to Shop in Hennur

Hennur Main Road is a shopper's paradise, offering a diverse range  of markets and malls. From traditional silk sarees to trendy fashion apparel, you'll find everything you need and more while exploring this bustling thoroughfare. Whether you're hunting for souvenirs or searching for the latest trends, Hennur Main Road has it all.
 Local Markets:
Hennur Main Road buzzes with Local shops! They have lots of things for sale, all at reasonable prices. You can find colorful clothes and fabrics, decorations for your room or even unique gifts. These markets offer a wide variety of things to browse and buy.

Malls and Shopping Complexes:
Hennur Main Road has many shops and malls with both Indian and international brands. Two big ones Elements Mall and Gopalan Signature Mall are located near Hennur. These malls have lots of stores selling branded clothes, movie theaters, and places to eat.

6. Conclusion

Hennur has something for everyone. This Bengaluru neighborhood has peaceful lakes like Hennur Lake and busy streets like Hennur Main Road. You can try yummy local food, visit the beautiful Iskcon Temple, or relax at the Cosmopolitan Club.


Q: Where is Hennur located?
A.: Hennur is a locality in the northeast part of Bangalore, the capital city of Karnataka, India. It is about 11 km from the city center and 25 km from the Kempegowda International  Airport
Q: How to reach Hennur from Bangalore? 
A: Bus: Look for numbers 290 and 293, with many options from A to Q after 293. 
Metro: Take the Purple Line to Baiyappanahalli station, close to Hennur. 
Taxi: Fast and comfy, especially with luggage. 

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