What is Kots?

Kots is a leasing company and we are reimagining home as a service. We build and operate rental homes which are designed and equipped with services much needed by the new age tenants. We work with fully furnished 1BHK & Studios homes

Which locations do we serve?

Currently we are only serving in east Bangalore in the areas of Bellandur, Sarjapura Road, Mahadevpura and Whitefield

Is there any brokerage commission?

No brokerage or extra charges involved. We are the Lessee/Sub Lessee directly renting to the property to the tenant.

Is there a contract/ rental agreement in place?

We rent our homes on a 11 month residencial lease contract. Contracts are renewed at the end of the term.

Will I get the Pan card details& Rent receipts for tax benefits?

Yes we provide you with rent receipts and pan details for your claims

Is there any Commitment/Lock in period?

There is no mandatory commitment we seek. However, if you commit or lock in for a duration we will waive off the common area maintenance charges for that selected period.

Can you renew or update only the lock in period?

No, once the contract is made you cannot update or change the lock-in period or any other terms.

What is relation between contract period and lock-in period?

Both are independent. Contract period is the 11 month legal term under which the tenants will rent the home with Kots. Contracts can be renewed. However, Lock-in period is the time commitment which the tenant is willing to commit to stay or not to terminate the contract so that he/she can avail the common area maintenance charges free offer. 

What happens if you terminate the contract (or) vacate the home during the Lock-In period ?

The commona area maintenance charges offer will be reversed and you will be charged monthly common area maintenance charges for the entire stay duration.

Is there any notice period to terminate the contract?

Yes, the tenants have to serve 45 days notice period before they terminate the contract.

Is there any painting charges or move - out charges?

Yes we charge Rs 10,000 for painting and Rs 1500 for the hygeine kit replacement. Total payable is Rs 11,500. The move out charges are prepaid and are levied before moving in itself.

Are they any hidden charges?

Being Fair & Transperant is our core value and we inform all the tenants our terms & conditions in detail prior to the booking. There are no hidden charges or terms. 

How many people are allowed to share a home?

We allow only 2 adults and a child (below 5 years) to occupy our property.

Can we have visitors?

Yes friends and family are welcomed. They can stay with you upto a week. In special cases, if we are convinced we can grant permission upto 3 weeks but not longer. Please note you will have sign all the visitors at the gate and accompany them physically. We dont not give access to visitors without the resident next to them. 

Are outside maids, delivery agents etc. allowed?

All deliveries happen at the security desk or gate only. We do not allow delivery agents, maids, servicemen etc unless the resident signs them as a visitor each time and accompanies them physically.

Do you have covered car parking?

Yes we do have covered carparking which is charged extra and is allocated based on the availability.