Application and Contract

(1) What is the application process like?

The application process typically like a KYC process to get to know our customers.

(2) What are the common lease terms?

The rental contract is for a standard of 11 months. However, you can choose how long you want to stay.

(3) Can I renew my lease at the end of the term?

Yes, you have the option to renew your rental agreement whenever you wish to.

(4) Is there any Commitment/Lock in period?

Lockin period is a commitment given by the tenants to us in order to avail free common area maintenance charge. Lock-in period should be minimum of 6 months to avail free common area maintenance charge.

(5) Can you renew or update only the lock in period?

No, once the contract is made you cannot update or change the lock-in period or any other terms.

(6) Are they any hidden charges?

Being Fair & Transperant is our core value and we inform all the tenants our terms & conditions in detail prior to the booking. There are no hidden charges or terms.

(7) What is relation between contract period and lock-in period?

Both aspects operate independently. Contract period is the 11 month legal term under which tenants will rent the flat with Kots. Renewal of contracts is possible. On the other hand, the lock-in period refers to the duration for which the tenant commits to remain without terminating the contract, enabling them to take advantage of the free common area maintenance charges offer.

(8) What happens if you terminate the contract (or) vacate the home during the Lock-In period ?

The commona area maintenance charges offer will be reversed and you will be charged monthly common area maintenance charges for the entire stay duration.

(9) Is there any notice period to terminate the contract?

Yes, the tenants have to serve 45 days notice period before they terminate the contract.

(10) Is there any painting charges or move - out charges?

Move out charges include painting charges to be paid (one time) by the Sub-Lessee in advance or in pre-paid manner at the time of booking the flat. If the rented flat is of Studio / 1BHK flat, painting charges are Rs 13,500 (Thirteen thousand five hundred) and if the rented flat is a 2BHK flat, painting charges are Rs 18,500 (Seventeen Thousand five hundred).

(11) Application and Contract Question

Application and Contract Answer

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