The Ultimate Guide to Hennur: All You Need to Know

Vishnu B

| 17-01-2024

The Ultimate Guide to Hennur: All You Need to Know

Hennur, often overshadowed by its more renowned counterparts, is a locale that thrives on its own unique charm. In this journey through the alleys of Hennur, we'll embark on a tour like no other, unveiling the hidden gems and the beating heart of this remarkable neighborhood. With its prime location, excellent connectivity, and many amenities, Hennur is the perfect place to settle down and call home.


  • Historical Roots: Hennur's evolution from a peaceful village to a bustling neighbourhood with a touch of its original charm intact.
  • Location & Accessibility: A strategic location in northern Bangalore with excellent connectivity to key hotspots and an upcoming metro extension.
  • Residential Haven: Hennur is a green sanctuary, ideal for nature lovers, families, and professionals seeking tranquillity.
  • Real Estate Growth: Witnessing remarkable real estate growth with diverse housing options and attractive investment potential.
  • Education Hub: A wide range of esteemed schools and colleges, offering quality education for families.
  • Green Spaces & Parks: Abundance of parks and the serene Hennur Lake Biodiversity Park for relaxation.
  • Shopping & Entertainment: Vibrant shopping malls, cinemas, restaurants, and cafes for a diverse experience.
  • Healthcare Facilities: Access to reputable hospitals like Columbia Asia, Regal, and Janapriya.
    Cultural Diversity: A culinary journey through India's diverse flavours and a multilingual community.
    Future Prospects: The proposed metro line expansion is set to enhance accessibility and property values.

I. A Glimpse of Hennur's History

Hennur has a fascinating history. It started as a peaceful village surrounded by beautiful green scenery. As years passed, it transformed into a busy neighborhood due to urban development. But, even with all the changes, Hennur has held onto its original charm, reminding us of how it began.

Now, around 42,780 people live here, coming from different backgrounds, making Hennur a diverse and vibrant place where everyone's stories are part of the community's history.

II. Location and Accessibility

Situated in the northern part of Bangalore, Hennur is strategically located to offer residents easy access to the city's major hotspots. Hennur is located 13.2 kilometers away from the Majestic Bus stand. It serves as a gateway to the bustling North Bangalore, connecting seamlessly to the central business district, and tech parks. The Kempegowda International Airport is 32 kilometers communicable away from Hennur. Also, Hebbal is only 6.6 Kilometers away Via the outer ring road.

Hennur enjoys excellent connectivity with key roads like 

  • Hennur Main Road
  • Bellary Road
  • Outer Ring Road

making daily commutes a breeze. The upcoming Namma Metro extension will further enhance connectivity, making Hennur an even more desirable place to reside.

III. Residential Paradise

Hennur is a sanctuary amidst the embrace of lush greenery, offering solace to those in need. The serene neighborhood is adorned with abundant trees and charming parks, creating an atmosphere of utmost tranquility. Whether you are a passionate nature lover, a family yearning for a peaceful abode, or a dedicated professional seeking a serene existence, Hennur is the ideal haven tailored just for you.
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IV. Real Estate Market

Hennur has witnessed remarkable growth in its real estate market. It offers diverse housing options, from luxurious apartments to spacious villas, catering to various budgets and preferences. As per a report from 99, the average per sqft price is around 8000 INR, and the average rental yield is 5 percent in the last year. The price is raised by about 14.2%.

Investors eyeing the Bangalore real estate market should consider Hennur as a prime destination. The consistent appreciation of property values and the area's development potential make it an attractive choice for real estate investments.


V. Educational Institutions

Families place great importance on finding the right educational institutions for their children. In Hennur, we are delighted to inform you that there is an extensive range of esteemed schools and colleges to choose from. You will find institutions like New Horizon International School, HMR International School, Broadvision World School, Kristu Jayanti College, and Legacy School nearby.

VI. Green Spaces and Parks

Hennur warmly embraces its residents with many parks and recreational facilities, providing a haven for relaxation and revitalization. Among these, the Hennur Lake Biodiversity Park shines as a tranquil oasis amidst the fast-paced urban life.

VII. Shopping and Entertainment

Hennur warmly welcomes you to experience a delightful blend of shopping and entertainment. Discover the vibrant Elements Mall, where you can indulge in a world of retail therapy and immerse yourself in the latest trends. INOX Cinemas offers a captivating cinematic experience, ensuring you're transported to another world. Delight your taste buds at the numerous pubs, restaurants, and cafes offering a diverse range of cuisines. From Indian delicacies to Chinese delights and continental treats, there's something to satisfy every palate. Additionally, Hennur boasts enchanting parks and playgrounds, providing a haven for children to frolic and adults to unwind.

VIII. Healthcare Facilities

Columbia Asia Hospital, Hebbal: Situated near Hennur, this compassionate multi-specialty hospital is dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of medical services. From cardiology to orthopedics, obstetrics, and more, they strive to meet the diverse healthcare needs of the community.

Regal Hospital: Regarded as a trusted healthcare facility in Hennur, Regal Hospital is committed to delivering exceptional care. Their services encompass general medicine, gynecology, pediatrics, and surgery, ensuring that patients receive the utmost attention and expertise.

Janapriya Hospital: Nestled in Hennur, Janapriya Hospital is a multi-specialty haven that caters to various medical fields. With a focus on internal medicine and surgery, they extend their compassionate care to patients, ensuring their well-being and comfort.

IX. Hennur's Cultural Diversity

Cuisine plays a significant role in showcasing Hennur's cultural diversity. You can savor a wide range of culinary delights from different parts of India right here. From spicy South Indian dosas and idlis to flavorful North Indian curries and kebabs, Hennur's eateries offer a gastronomic journey that reflects the nation's diverse palate. Additionally, street food vendors selling chaat, samosas, and other regional snacks add a delightful touch to the culinary landscape.

Language is another vital aspect of Hennur's cultural tapestry. While Kannada is the official language of Karnataka, you'll hear a multitude of languages spoken in Hennur due to its diverse population. Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Urdu, and English are commonly spoken, creating a linguistic mosaic that fosters communication and understanding among residents.

X. Future Prospects

With the proposed metro line expansion, Hennur is set to become even more accessible and connected, enhancing its desirability further. As a result, property values are expected to witness a continuous upward trajectory, making it an ideal location for homeowners and investors alike.
In conclusion, Hennur is a residential destination that ticks all the right boxes for homeowners and investors. Its strategic location, educational and healthcare facilities, real estate opportunities, recreational options, and commitment to safety make it a standout choice in the city's real estate landscape. As Hennur continues to grow and evolve, it undoubtedly deserves its place among Bangalore's most promising neighborhoods.


Q. Where is Hennur located in Bangalore?
A. Hennur is situated in the northern part of Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

Q. What is the historical significance of Hennur?
A. Hennur started as a peaceful village and has transformed into a busy neighborhood due to urban development while retaining its original charm.

Q. How's the real estate market in Hennur?
A. The real estate market in Hennur has seen remarkable growth, with various housing options catering to different budgets. The average per sqft price is around 8000 INR, and the average rental yield is 5 percent.

Q. What are some educational institutions in Hennur?
A. Hennur boasts a range of esteemed schools and colleges, including New Horizon International School, HMR International School, Broadvision World School, Kristu Jayanti College, and Legacy School.

Q. How far is Hennur from Bangalore's Kempegowda International Airport?
A. Hennur is approximately 32 kilometers away from Kempegowda International Airport.


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