(1) What is Kots

We accomodate individuals and families in our rental apartments.

(2) How do I search for available flats on your website

You can search for available flats by entering your location, budget, and other preferences into our website's search bar.

(3) Can I schedule a property viewing

Yes, you can schedule property viewings by contacting our customer support.

(4) How do I apply for a rental property

After viewing a property and deciding to rent it, you can book it through the website.

(5) How does your flat-renting service work

Our flat-renting service makes finding and renting flats or apartments easy:Search: You search for available flats based on your preferences. Property Info: You can see details, photos, and even virtual tours.Contact: If interested, you can go and contact the caretaker in the property.Visit: You visit the property in person to see if it fits your needs.Apply: If you like it, you can book the flat in the website by choosing the flat & filling out an online application, including personal details.Lease: Once paid, you sign a digital rental agreement and download the same.Our aim is to simplify the rental process for tenants. Specific features may vary, but this is how it typically works.

(6) What types of flats do you offer for rent

We specialize in offering three types of flats for rent: Studio Apartments: For individuals or couples who prefer a compact living space.1 BHK: Ideal for singles or couples seeking more room.2 BHK: Spacious units suitable for families or friends.Our focus is on providing these specific options to cater to a variety of living needs.

(7) How can I search for available flats on your platform

To search for available flats on our platform: 1. Visit our website.2. Use the search bar to enter your desired location.3. Use filters to specify your preferences, like price and localities.4. Browse the listings that match your criteria.5. Click on a listing for more details.6. Contact the agent through the platform. 7. Schedule a visit to see the flat.8. Repeat these steps until you find your ideal flat.

(8) Are your rental flats furnished or unfurnished

Our rental flats offer three main options:- Fully Furnished with AC- Fully Furnished- Semi-FurnishedWe'll clearly tell you which option each flat falls into, so you can choose what suits you best.

(9) What is the rental application process like

The rental application process involves providing information. Here's how it usually works: Fill out the Form: You fill a KYC form.Pets and Extra Residents: If you have pets or extra people moving in, you should provide their details as well.Payment: You pay the security deposit and first month's rent & etc.

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