Top 5 Rental Hotspots in Bangalore: Real Estate Insights

Renuka Prasad

| 17-01-2024

Top 5 Rental Hotspots in Bangalore: Real Estate Insights

Making informed decisions when investing in real estate is paramount. Let's explore the top five localities in Bangalore that are renowned for their appealing rental returns. We'll delve into their geographical details, economic prospects, property prices, and more:

1. Electronic City: The Tech Hub's Rental Hotspot

Demographic Details: 

Positioned strategically in Bangalore South, Electronic City enjoys a prime NH7 location. It's only 9 km away from the Silk Board junction, roughly 18 km from Vidhana Soudha, and approximately 70 km from the new Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) in Devanahalli. Covering a sprawling 903 acres and 11 Guntas, the Electronic City Industrial Estate stands as a significant landmark.

Rental Insight: 

Electronic City's tech parks and corporate offices consistently attract IT professionals, resulting in robust demand for rental properties. The thriving IT sector, coupled with the forthcoming Metro connectivity, further enhances the rental appeal.

Economic Outlook: 

The projected contribution of millennials, estimated to be around 1 trillion dollars by 2030, aligns seamlessly with Electronic City's tech hub identity, reinforcing the sustained demand for rental accommodations.

Property Pricing: 

Apartments in Electronic City cater to a range of budgets, with property prices spanning from 40 lakhs to 1 crore INR. The property cost per square foot varies from 4350 to 5800 INR. The enticing average monthly rental yield of 3.64% positions Electronic City as an attractive choice for those seeking returns.

2. Whitefield: Urban Amenities and Rental Opportunities

Demographics (2020): 

Covering an area of approximately 17.05 km², Whitefield is home to a population of 186,768 residents, resulting in a population density of 10,952 individuals per square kilometer. The millennial population, which numbers around 58,000, contributes to the dynamic character of the area.

Property Pricing and Rental Yield: 

Properties valued at 1 crore INR and above in Whitefield offer an average rental yield of 3.58%, in line with's survey.


Whitefield's robust rental market is driven by its strategic location, attracting professionals from multinational companies and educational institutions. The ongoing transformation into a smart city, coupled with improved infrastructure, positions Whitefield as an appealing destination for quality rental accommodations. The consistent growth in rental rates underscores its potential for promising rental yields.

3. Hebbal: The North's Real Estate Gem

Geographical Advantage: 

Hebbal gains an edge with the upcoming metro connection linking KR Puram and Kempegowda International Airport. Property

Pricing and Rental Yield: 

Properties valued at 1 crore INR and above in Hebbal offer an average rental yield of 2.22%, aligning with the findings from

Insight: Hebbal's strategic location near the airport and central districts continues to attract both tenants and investors. Infrastructure enhancements, such as the Hebbal-KR Puram flyover, have improved connectivity. Market data supports a rising trend in rental demand and rates in Hebbal, establishing it as a notable option for substantial rental returns.

4. Koramangala: The Trendy Locale with Strong Rental Prospects

Demographics (2020): 

Encompassing an area of 6.94 km², Koramangala is home to 153,187 residents, resulting in a population density of 22,058 individuals per square kilometer. The male population stands at 81,456, while the female population is 71,731.

Property pricing and Rental Yield: 

Investments of 1 crore and above in Koramangala offer a range of 10,000 to 13,000 INR per square foot, with an average rental yield of 4 to 7%.


Koramangala retains its status as a sought-after residential and commercial hub. Live data confirms sustained demand for rental properties, presenting an opportunity for investors seeking rental returns.

5. Marathahalli: The East's Rental Powerhouse

Demographics (2020): 

According to a survey conducted in 2020, Marathahalli spans approximately 6.82 km² and houses a population of about 118,091 residents. The population density stands at 17,309 individuals per square kilometer, with a male population of 61,869 and a female population of 56,222.

Property pricing and Rental Yield: 

Marathahalli boasts enticing rental potential, offering around 3.68% return on a 1 crore INR investment.


Marathahalli's reputation as a bustling IT and business hub, coupled with its proximity to major IT parks and corporate zones, ensures a consistent demand for rental accommodations. Recent reports highlight an upward trajectory in rental rates, indicating that Marathahalli holds promise as a locale with significant potential for robust rental yields. This dynamic rental powerhouse harmonizes a thriving demographic landscape with appealing rental income prospects


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