Millennials' Journey to Rental Riches: Unlocking the Secrets of Residential Real Estate Investment

Debasmita C

| 17-01-2024

Millennials' Journey to Rental Riches: Unlocking the Secrets of Residential Real Estate Investment

A Few Words on the Investment: Anyone can do it, but not anyone will!

A casual player of Monopoly may think that it is a game of chance, and the rolls of dice determine the winner. Watching the best players in the world has shown that it is not. The winners are the masters of the strategies. Every investment goal should meet some purposes that create overall sustainable development because customers do not buy a product; customers buy the value.

 The one responsibility of real estate investors is to improve the quality of living lives. They are responsible by products, that is, the impact of their legitimate activities on people and the social environment. Modern millennial investors strive to provide a specific service to society. That is the crossroads where strategies meet with the mission to develop policies for the relationship of business; regionally, nationally, and globally. What are leadership ethics for the real estate investors/ developers who are leaders and masters of Strategies?

Residential Real Estate Investment: A Journey with Periods or Changing Time for Investors

Millennials are risk-takers. Investors, including real estate investors, hugely believe in the Period, Timing to take the crossing like the true departure of life. Knowing that taking the crossroad means there will be many things correct to rewrite in the future, Journey as an investor will not remain the same. Millennials' Journey to the highest rental yields in India will often seem the Journey of a foreign country with diversified tastes, beliefs, and evolving cultures of tenants, as also supporting laws, policies, and the other factors associated with the business. Despite these roadblocks, if you can hear certain strategies, if you miss the journey before taking any new investment or journey, and if missing this Journey you slowly to know the ethical strategy, then it is time to ask, ‘May I?’

Every real estate investment to an investor is like a new Journey where every ounce of the Journey is recorded, evaluated. Our understanding of real estate investment matches with profit but with purpose. Our secrets/strategies for real estate investment contain all our effort. A space where we can wonder, learn. Where we can hope!

The secrets of investment those connect purposes to explore the evolving landscape in the real estate sector in India are,

Strategy 1- Investment towards Sensible Building: A Strategy for Millennial Investors

The customers never buy the product; they buy the satisfaction of a want. But what do they consider value? The answer is that every industry, including real estate, is determined by its contribution as the products enter an infinity of markets and serve many customers.

Millennials in India believe there is a unique approach to investing in properties. It is time to search for properties as the crucial investment instrument reflecting the aspirations of the contemporary generation. As per the survey, 52% of millennials expected properties to be integrated with modern amenities that match the global standard seen in foreign countries, but still an innovative idea in India. The functionality makes the property Sensible Property, which is the expectation of new-age tenants for their overall wellness. Home is a root, undoubtedly, for every tenant. Acquiring sensible housing means taking root again, grows in a different way!

Strategy 2- Affordable Housing: A Strategy of Investors Depicts Indian Tenants' Perspective and Future Outlook  

Price is a simple concept to begin with. Then other value concepts may determine what price really means. Affordable housing is a critical need in India, and at the same time, affordability may mean different to different tenants if they compare it with the essence of value. The rent or pricing structure should fit the entire range of value concepts. It is the range of quality considerations such as durability, freedom from breakdown, the maker’s standing, and services.

The affordable housing market in India was valued at USD 1824.35 million in 2022 and this affordable housing market is projected for the powerful growth in the forecast period with a CAGR of 19.80% through 2028. Affordable housing is the strategy of millennial investors of India to determine the value of The Exchange! It is not only pricing; it is the value of the property...a little tagline of their journey of investment and effort where the rent is the language.

Strategy 3 -Location: The Rise of Tier-II and Tier-III Localities those become Residential Markets to Millennial Investors!

We see the rise of tier-II and tier-III localities such as Whitefield, Sarjapur Road, Bellandur, and Maithri Layout in a metro city like Bangalore. These localities are experiencing rapid growth and development, and they will develop more in the future. Today, people not only from Bangalore but from India are searching for apartments for rent in Whitefieldor houses in the best areas in Bangalore, and they searched for the same in the past also for the rapid urbanization of those areas. Real estate investors must commit resources for an ever-longer future.

Today’s investors also look at some critical issues such as appreciation potential in the near future, future development of the locality, such as commercial development like the addition of new schools, hospitals, and other civic infrastructure, and employment opportunities to meet their pre-determined goals. Having 1 bhk house in these localities in Bangalore is not a fragile shelter; instead, a new rhythm for techies searching for an apartment or house for rent in Bangalore where one point ‘career’ leads inevitably to!

Strategy 4- Green Real Estate: Today's Investors are Building Climate Intelligence!

Investing in green buildings is both a sustainable and durable choice. Regarding ecological sustainability, millennial tenants are willing to take a few extra miles for a safe future. Also, as per the key to success, millennial investors want to set a trend with some evolving concept to lead the way forward and set up an example for the coming generations. Apart from this, the aesthetic of the properties combined with sustainability aspects is attractive to the even younger generation, like the Gen Z in India.

Strategy 5-The Digital Connection: Millennials are Driving Digital Transformation in Real Estate Sector!

Millennials are a digitally inspired generation. From virtual house-tour to digital scheduling, millennials prefer digital closure for their homes. As per the comprehensive research report survey by Market Research Future, the global property management software is esteemed to reach USD 21.4 Billion by 2025. It is the time for investors to rediscover the pleasure of innovative, problem-solving technologies with new beauty and new capacities.

Strategy 6 - Leasing: Today's Renters are Looking for Long- term Staying!

Today Indian millennials are more inclined to own their own homes, even in their working cities like Bangalore, Pune, etc., due to the sentiment of family values, for the long-term future investment idea. It drives the tenants to take a property on lease, where they can be assured of a full taste of ownership for a tenure without interference from the landlord or increased rent. Today’s investors are conscious of this trend and are interested in giving property on lease to new-age tenants.

Secret/Strategy 7 - Knowledge of Investment and Financing Trends for Millennial Investors

The real estate sector in India is going through a significant shift towards alternative financing options and investment models. Investors use crowdfunding platforms to grow real estate businesses. Real Estate Investment Trust (REITs) has also emerged as a popular investment model in the Indian real estate sector. Moreover, budget 2023 has laid a positive roadmap with a growth outlook and a focus on urban planning and sustainable growth. It focuses on green building, sustainable cities for tomorrow, REITs, etc.

Towards all the Millennial Real Estate Investors!

We understand what it takes to undergo a lucrative real estate investment journey. But when we turn the fundamental objective into meaningful travel, it will not seem that you are walking at the end of your rope.

Within this insight, you already gone through the journey of millennial real estate investors who put their hearts and souls into improving the real estate sector in India. They come from diverse walks of life, across different strata of society, from different parts of India and the globe. But they are all connected by the same mission- to improve the quality of living and life of others, to serve people in a unique way, even if sometimes it means trading certainty for uncertainty. The Millennial investors in the real estate sector deserve all the respect we can assemble for them.


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