Checklist for Renting a Flat in India

Vishnu B

| 09-02-2024

Checklist for Renting a Flat in India

Before renting a flat, you have to check the flat physically, understand the charges, read the terms and conditions and sign the agreement. How can you do all this without any problem? Don’t worry, we are here to help you.

Key Takeaways

How to check the flat before renting it: 

  • Is there enough space for all your furniture and belongings?
  • Are there enough lights for you to see well?
  • Do the walls and floors look good, without any cracks or holes?
  • Are there any insects or other pests in the apartment?

Understanding the agreement:

  • How much rent do you have to pay each month?
  • How long can you live in the apartment?
  • Are there any rules you need to follow, like keeping noise down at certain times?

How to check the flat before renting it

Before renting a flat, it's important to check it carefully to make sure it's right for you and your family.

Happy Family in a Flat

Here's what you need to see:


  • Are there enough plugs for your phone, TV, fan, and everything else?
  • Do the plugs work safely and are they in good spots? You don't want a flat with no power!
  • Tip: Plug your phone charger in every outlet. If it works, awesome! If not, tell the owner.


  • Do you have enough cupboards, shelves, and drawers for your clothes, toys, and books?
  • Is the storage big, clean, and safe? A flat with no space isn't fun!
  • Tip: Open each storage space. If it's too small, dirty, or broken, ask the owner to fix it.


  • Are the walls strong, dry, and quiet? You don't want cracks, water leaks, or loud noises!
  • Tip: Tap the walls. Feel any cracks? See any water stains? Hear noises from outside? Tell the owner!


  • Are there any unwanted guests like bugs, rats, or ants? You definitely don't want those!
  • Has the owner done anything to stop them? Infestation can be a big problem!
  • Tip: Look for signs like holes, droppings, or bites. Ask the owner about pest control!


  • Are the floors clean, smooth, and comfortable? No one wants bumpy, dirty floors!
  • Do you like the material and color? It should be easy to clean and match your style.
  • Tip: Walk on the floors. Feels good? Perfect! See any loose tiles or stains? Ask the owner to fix them!

Remember: Take pictures or videos so you can remember everything later!

Important details before signing your flat agreement


Deposit: You give the owner money upfront. You get it back if the flat is in good condition when you leave. Check the amount, if it earns interest, and when you'll get it back.

Rent: You pay this monthly. Check the amount, due date, and if it covers extras like water or electricity.

Rent Increase: Your rent might go up after a year. Check the percentage and if it can change.

Lock-in Period: You have to stay in the flat for this time. Check the length and if you can leave early.

Maintenance Charges/Additional Charges: You pay this for electricity bills, water bills, and shared areas like gardens or security. Check the cost, if it's included in rent, and if it can change.


Lease Period: This is how long you can stay. Check the length and if it can be changed.

Notice Period: This is how much time you need to give before leaving. Check the length and if it can be changed.

Terms and Conditions: These are rules you must follow. Check if you can have pets, guests, or make noise.


  • Read the whole agreement carefully, even if you understand what we mentioned here.
  • Ask questions if anything is unclear. Choosing a flat is important, so make sure it's right for you!

Check if it’s value for money

a laptop with flat for rent on search bar

Before renting, make sure the flat is worth what you're paying! Here's what to compare with other flats in the area:


Convenience: Close to school, shops, family? Good bus/train access?

Safety: Safe and quiet? Nice views, good light, fresh air?


Space: Enough rooms and bathrooms for everyone? Room for furniture and fun stuff?

Comfort: Not too crammed or noisy?


Fix-up: Clean, no cracks, leaks, or bug problems?

Livable: Good lighting, fresh air, not too hot or cold?


Building stuff: Elevator, power backup, garbage disposal? Working well?

Services: Security, maintenance, cleaning? Helpful and reliable?


  • Look at several flats and see which offers the most for your money.
  • Think about your family's needs and budget. Choose a flat that fits best!


1. What paperwork do I need?

It depends on where you are, but some common things are:

  • ID proof: Your Aadhaar card, PAN card, passport, or driver's license.
  • Proof of address: Voter ID, bank statement, or utility bill.
  • Income proof: Salary slips, bank statements, or tax returns.
  • Rental agreement: Covers rent, deposit, and rules.
  • Police verification: This shows you don't have any criminal records.

2. Where can I find a flat?

  • Online: Websites like has genuine listings.
  • Social media: Join groups on Facebook or WhatsApp where people share flats.
  • Ask around: Friends, family, and colleagues might know of good places.

3. Can I negotiate rent?

Absolutely! Here are some tips:

  • Do your research: Know the average rent in the area.
  • Be flexible: Offer to pay upfront or do small repairs in exchange for lower rent.
  • Highlight your strengths: Show you're a reliable tenant with good income and references.
  • Ask for benefits: Free maintenance, parking, or internet could be great deals.

4. How can I decorate on a budget?

Get creative! Here are some ideas:

  • Removable wallpaper: Change your walls easily without damage.
  • Curtains and rugs: Add color, texture, and comfort.
  • Plants and flowers: Bring life and freshness to your space.
  • Lights and candles: Set the mood and make things cozy.

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