Online Sites to Find Rental Homes in Bangalore

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| 29-02-2024

Online Sites to Find Rental Homes in Bangalore

Finding a rental home in Bangalore can be easier than you think. You can use online sites like aggregator websites and websites of professionally managed properties to find rental homes in Bangalore.

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Key Takeaways

  • Finding flats in Bangalore is easy! Use websites to find the perfect one.
  • Two choices
  • Aggregator websites: Many options, but some might be confusing or not quite real.
  • Websites of professionally managed properties: Flats managed by companies like Kots, Settl, or Hyphen. They offer clear details and help.

Aggregator Websites

Aggregator property listings in bangalore

This type has lots of options, but some might not be true or clear. These websites are called "aggregators." Examples are NoBroker, Housing, 99acres, and Squareyards. They connect you to people who rent flats (like brokers or owners), but they may or may not charge a fee.

Advantages and drawbacks of aggregator websites?


Lots of options: They have a lot of flats in different areas, sizes and prices. 
Search and filter: You can find flats you like by using search and filter options. 
See details: You can see photos, videos, and reviews of the flats.
Talk to the owner: You can chat with the owner directly through the website. 
Sometimes free: Some websites might not charge you a fee. 


Show wrong info: Information about the flat might be old or wrong. 
Have fake listings: Some listings might be fake.  Hide extra fees: They might not tell you about all the fees upfront. 
Not help you: They might not be able to help you if you have problems with the flat or the owner.

How to use aggregator websites effectively?

Double-check everything: Before calling anyone, take a close look at the flat details again. Is the rent okay? Where is it exactly? Does it have everything you need? Check other websites or even Google Maps to make sure the info matches. If something seems fishy, ask the person who posted it or just avoid it altogether.

Talk directly to the owner: Skip the middleman! Brokers might charge extra fees, so try to contact the owner directly through the website. You can also call or visit them in person. Remember to ask for proof that they own the flat and have a rental agreement ready. Don't share any personal details or pay anything until you're 100% sure it's legit.

See the flat with your own eyes: Photos and reviews online can be tricky, so don't trust them completely. Visit the flat yourself and check its condition, like if things are broken or dirty. See if it has everything mentioned, like electricity, water, and internet. Also, check the building's security and cleanliness. Talk to the owner or even the neighbors to find out more about the flat, like if there have been any problems in the past.

Talk about the deal before agreeing: Before you say yes, discuss the rent, deposit, maintenance fees, and notice period with the owner. Make sure everything is fair, clear, and legal. Don't agree to anything that seems unfair or unclear. Get everything written down in an agreement and only sign it after you understand everything completely.

Report any problems: If you face any issues with the flat, owner, or website, don't hesitate to report it right away! Depending on the problem, you can contact the website's customer support, the police, or even the consumer forum. Remember, it's important to report any suspicious activity, fraud, or violation of your rights. Don't ignore anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Websites of Professionally Managed Properties

Kots property listings in Whitefield Bangalore

These flats offered by websites like Kots, Settl, and Hyphen are already furnished with furniture, appliances, and even internet! No cleaning worries either, as they have cleaning services. Plus, they have security and a team to help you with any issues. Booking, paying rent, and even requesting repairs are all done online, making things super easy!

Advantages and drawbacks of Professionally Managed Property Websites?


More info: They give you lots of details about the flat, like photos, videos, and even virtual tours! This helps you decide easily.

No confusion: Unlike other websites, these have unique listings, so you won't see the same flat again and again.

Easy process: Booking, paying rent, and even asking for help is all done online, without any trouble.

Help available: They have a team to answer your questions and solve any problems you face, 24/7!

Quality guaranteed: They make sure the flat is clean, safe, and well-maintained, and that services are reliable.


Limited options: They might not have flats in all areas or price ranges, so you might have to wait or look elsewhere.

Higher rent: They might charge more than other websites because of the special features and services.

Strict rules: They might have rules about how long you can stay, how many people can live there, and even what you can do in the flat.

How to use websites of professionally managed properties effectively:

1. Check the features: Before booking, see what features these websites offer, like Kots, Settl, and Hyphen. Do they have furniture, appliances, internet, cleaning, and security? Pick the website that has the things you need and want.

2. Visit the flat: Before saying yes, book a visit to see the flat. You can do this online or by calling them. Check the condition, features, and ask any questions you have. See if it feels like the right place for you.

3. Reserve online: Once you've chosen a flat, reserve it online. Fill in your details and pay a fee (which you get back if you cancel on time). This holds the flat for you, so no one else can take it.

4. Move in online: After reserving, move in online! Sign the agreement, pay rent and deposit, and get keys and access codes – all online, no hassle! They'll even help you move in and welcome you to your new home!

People searching for rental homes in Bangalore:

PlaceAvg. Monthly SearchesSearch Engine
HSR Layout4,400Google
BTM Layout3,600Google

Why is the Best Option?

Kots bangalore is the website of Kots where you can find premium urban gated apartments for rent. Kots offers apartments in safe neighborhoods and keeps them well-maintained, all at a better value for money! They design their apartments specifically for urban people who value convenience and comfort. Even better, Kots takes care of everything, from booking the flat to making payments and fixing any problems that come up.

What are the features and benefits of

Unique listings: has unique apartments you won't find anywhere else. They pick apartments carefully to fit your needs, with different areas, sizes, and prices.

See before you go: shows pictures, videos, and even virtual tours of each apartment, so you know exactly what it's like. They also have flat, locality, and location descriptions and lists of amenities. If you have any questions, their friendly customer service team is happy to help!

Easy and clear: Renting from is simple and straightforward. You can do everything online, from booking to paying rent. There are no hidden fees or confusing agreements - everything is clear and upfront.

Quality guaranteed: makes sure the apartments are clean, safe, and well-maintained, and their service is always prompt and reliable. If you have any issues, their customer service team is available 24/7 to help you out.


Q. How can I find a house for rent in Bangalore?
A. Use online sites like They have special listings, easy booking, and no hidden fees!

Q. What is the average rent in Bangalore?
A. It depends on the area, size, and features of the house. A 1 BHK is around Rs. 12,000, 2 BHK is Rs. 18,000, and 3 BHK is Rs. 25,000 per month (according to

Q. Which is the best area to live in Bangalore?
A. It depends on you! Think about your work, budget, and what kind of place you like. Popular areas include Koramangala, Indiranagar, Whitefield, HSR Layout, and BTM Layout.

Q. How can I avoid brokerage in Bangalore?
A. Use online sites like, Settl, nobroker or They connect you directly with owners, so you save money and time!

Q. What are the documents required for renting a house in Bangalore?
A. It can vary, but common documents include ID proof, address proof, income proof, rental agreement, and rent receipt. You might also need a PAN card, Aadhaar card, or bank statements.


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